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Red Hot Sprinkle Spicy Chili Pepper Seasoning

Red Hot Sprinkle Spicy Chili Pepper Seasoning

Olde Virden's Tennessee Pepper Co.
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Dehydrated Chili pepper powder.  From the farm to the bottle, Olde Virden's is dedicated to producing the cleanest pepper blend on the market.  Out goal is to provide chefs and consumers with an unforgettable seasoning crafted with just one natural ingredient:  chili peppers.

A blend of five chilies. Our products are 100% chili peppers with no sodium, sugar, additives, or preservatives.  

From your eggs in the morning to pizza at night, you will discover a million ways to use our Red Hot Sprinkle.

Ingredients:  Serrano, Habanero, Jalapenos, Thai Chili, Long Hot Cayenne

Gluten Free

Weight (lbs): 0.15625. Width (in): 1 3/4. Height (in): 4. Size: 1.5 oz. 

Made in Knoxville, TN