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Monarch Butterflies

Monarch Butterflies

Hachette Book Group
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Monarchs are a favorite and familiar North American butterfly, and their incredible annual migration has captured the popular imagination for generations. As populations of monarchs decline dramatically due to habitat loss and climate change, interest in and enthusiasm for protecting these beloved pollinators has skyrocketed.

With easy-to-read text and colorful, engaging illustrations, Monarch Butterflies presents young readers with rich, detailed information about the monarchs’ life cycle, anatomy, and the wonders of their signature migration, as well as how to raise monarchs at home and the cultural significance of monarchs in Day of the Dead celebrations.

As the book considers how human behavior has harmed monarchs, it offers substantive ways kids can help make a positive difference. Children will learn how to turn lawns into native plant gardens, become involved in citizen science efforts such as tagging migrating monarchs and participating in population counts, and support organizations that work to conserve butterflies.

ISBN-13: 9781635862898

On Sale: April 27, 2021

Publisher: Storey Publishing, LLC

Imprint: Storey Publishing, LLC

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Size: 11x11 inches Pages: 48

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Quotes and Reviews

“An important wake-up call to help stem the decline of these monarchs of the skies.” — Kirkus

“The monarch butterfly takes center stage in​ this text for grade-schoolers, which offers​ age-appropriate insights into the species’​ life cycle, habitat, and extraordinary migration... an admirable addition to any gradeschooler’s lepidoptery library."​ — Science Magazine (AAAS) 

“As the wings of the butterflies themselves… Bound to be read over and over, just as children's books should be, Hobbie's excellent creation is a genuine treasure.” — Wendy Williams, author of The Language of Butterflies
“While all organisms on earth have wonderful and unique life journeys, that of monarch butterflies may be one of the most amazing. Here, the story of this journey is told in easy to understand, but still accurate, words and pictures.” — Karen Oberhauser, UW-Madison Arboretum Director
"This book is perfect for aspiring biologists and nature lovers. It beautifully illustrates the complex story of the natural world through the lens of the monarch butterfly and its amazing migration." — Wendy Caldwell, Executive Director of Monarch Joint Venture
“Soaring color and an elegant flow of information fly high together in Hobbie’s robustly beautiful book. Baumert’s vibrant natural palette is rich in botanical detail, lush in evocative background landscape, factual yet charming in biological renderings.  Readers will certainly conclude that the world is much more colorful with monarchs in it, just the inspiration needed for budding environmental stewards.” — Claudia McGehee, author and illustrator of North Woods Girl and Begin with a Bee